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The Best Car Tracker Company in Pakistan?


Are you looking for the Best Car Tracker in Pakistan? Then you are in the right place.

We’ve researched hard on many car trackers or car tracking companies available in Pakistan. And as a curator, we’ll be reviewing a car tracking company in Pakistan that offers good GPS car tracker with good services.

What is a GPS Car Tracker?

A GPS Car Tracker is a tracking device that is installed on a car for tracking. This tracking device is connected to a server through a satellite or a GSM. Through this connection, a tracker sends all the information back to the server.

The main work for the tracker device is to track the movement of a vehicle. However, there are many other features available depending upon the tracker.

Best Car Tracker in Pakistan

Currently, in Pakistan, there is only one company that provides a useful tracking device. That is Alpha Track Pvt Ltd. The device that Alpha Track use is significantly known as Teltonika’s FMB 920. This device is capable of tracking the vehicle effectively.

Also, the tracker is capable of working correctly for 48 hours without any battery connection. Furthermore, it can store all the vehicle data inside for 48 more hours if the connection is lost with the server. And when the connection is restored, the tracking devices send all the data back to the server.

Furthermore, the FMB-920 can stop the car’s engine or Release the engine in case of an emergency. It can also alert the user if someone tries to start the car’s engine when it is already set to stop. Even if someone tries to mess around with the car’s battery or terminal, the tracker will inform the server or the user.

The FMB-920 can also track the total mileage of the vehicle. There are many more features that this tracking device offers.

Is Car Tracking Necessary in Pakistan?

To keep the answer simple. Yes, car tracking is most necessary in Pakistan. The Car thieves and their groups have made their grips strong. And are stealing many cars and bikes regularly. If you own a Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Mehran, or Honda CG125 in Pakistan, then a tracker is a must because these vehicles are most likely to get stolen.

Therefore, making it necessary to use any means for security for the car. And tracking your vehicle is by far one of the best ways. Not only that, but also, it will help you significantly in managing your vehicle’s activity, its mileage, and many more.

If you choose a company that provides Car Tracking Services, they will monitor your car 24/7 to keep alert from any unusual activities about your vehicle.

Final Thoughts About Car Tracking in Pakistan

I would say that, in Pakistan, there is only one company that provides the Best Car Tracker with full fledge services at a very reasonable price.

Car tracking is the best thing that humanity has made. It made it easier for us to track and monitor our vehicles.

There are many companies that provide tracking services in Pakistan, and they use different devices with different packages. However, Alpha Track (Pvt.) Ltd is using one of the best tracker devices at a very reasonable price.

I hope this article is helpful to you. If you like it, then it is requested of you to share it.

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