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Description of Tyre Data, Numbers, and Sizes


Most individuals don’t find Car Tyres Mansfield to be particularly intriguing, yet whether or not you like tyres, when you’re driving, you rely on them for your life. Here, we dig into the significance of tyres, decipher the meaning of the various tyre codes, and offer driving advice on the car’s tyres.

Tyres are a crucial component of driving safely. Furthermore, your vehicle’s appearance, efficiency, and ability to handle the environment are all significantly impacted by tyre manufacture, tyre dimensions, tyre velocity ratings, and tyre pressure.


Most individuals jump into their cars without even the slightest concern, yet measurements indicate that if we paid a little more care to the elastic holding us to the pavement, roadways would be much more secure places.

Think about the following facts:

  • Tyre failures cause several accidents as by mobile phones.
  • Three penalties for each unlawful tyre on the vehicle may get charged to your license.
  • Recently, incidents using tyres have resulted in 5,365 losses and deaths.

A decent tyre can dislodge sufficient water in a heavy downpour to fill a container in just 7 seconds. However, without enough traction, a vehicle at whatever speed could merely skate through the water, eluding you severely in terms of control.


Although if two vehicles have wheels that have the same size, it’s still possible that their tyres will be of varying sizes.

Other factors to consider when determining tyre size and the size throughout the wheel include the tyre’s breadth and depth.

The Breadth of the Tyres

The first three numbers for tyre size information that come to mind are the estimated millimetre breadth of the tyre from one sidewall to the other.

The Ratio of the Tyre Angle

The tyre sidewall level also referred to as the “angle ratio,” is mainly indicated by the fourth and fifth digits. In this case, the sidewall level is half of the breadth, which is why it must be familiarly known as a perspective ratio even though it is a level of the tyre size.

Tyre Formation

Currently, most tyres have a “radial” development, which describes how the fibre ropes within the tyres get organized during production. In exceptional cases, you might also observe the letters “B” or “D” (which represent the development of a “bias belt” or a diagonal story).

The Diameter of the Wheel Edge

The last two digits on a tyre size inspection represent the diameter of the wheel edge that the tyre must mean to get fit. The dimension is in inches.


Many more details get sculpted inside the tyre, including a “load index” number and tyre velocity rating, typically more than enough to purchase new tyres for your automobile.

Load Index

You’ll find 2 or 3 digits that refer to the “load index” of the tyre after the information about tyre size. The load index indicates the total weight that this tyre can carry.

Velocity Ratings

After the load index number and tyre dimensions, you’ll discover a single character. This indicates that this particular tyre type has got checked to the highest speed. It must be the “speed rating” of the tyre.


If you continue your search for your tire’s size, highest speed rating, or edge breadth, you’ll likely discover a vast array of other data. The law mandates a portion of this information, while additional information gets provided only to identify the tyre manufacturer.

Look at some of the additional details that your tyre may contain:

Type and Product Names

Typically, the producer’s name and the model number they gave to that specific track design will be the most significant letters on the tyre.

Region Of Producing

The tire’s sidewall will also display the region in which it got produced.

Tread Wearing Gauges

Rather than getting located on the side of the tyres, tread wear gauges often rest in the tread’s channels.


Although security is the priority when it pertains to Bridgestone tyres Mansfield, you also need to think about a backup strategy. Tyres represent one of the most expensive aspects while operating a vehicle.

Ensure you’re using the proper tyre size, the maximum speed rating, and that the load index is appropriate for your driving type. When purchasing tyres, always seek expert advice and resist the urge to cut costs. Tyres are a significant investment.

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