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Different Types of Pallet Racks for Warehouse Storage

The logistics industry is a complex sector that involves a series of phases that need to be performed in a seamless manner to ensure that products arrive at their set destination effectively, efficiently, and safely. One of those stages–and arguably the most important one–is storage. Bear in mind that storage is not just about looking after goods, it is also about good perception, inventory, transport, and so on. It is also about making sure that your operations can be as hassle-free as it can be.

Putting the said factors into consideration, it is best to invest in the right storage system. If you are on the market for one, you should consider a pallet racking system. When looking for one, you are going to encounter different versions and some of the most popular ones are elaborated below. By taking note of them, you can make the right decision and in the process, help you make a practical and worthwhile decision that can help in your company’s bottom line.

Selective pallet rack

The selective pallet racking system is arguably the most popular as well as versatile of its kind in the industry. If used properly, it allows you to use available space in arguably the most efficient way possible. To add, this type of rack is available in easy-to-clean and debris-resistant steel, which means that durability and reliability are not going to be an issue. This racking system is highly recommended for general warehousing, low-turnover retail, and manufacturing businesses.

Pallet flow rack

Also known as a gravity flow rack, pallet flow rack uses a first-in/first-out (FIFO) loading system that is complemented by sloping racks. Here, new pallets are installed at the higher end and detached at the lower end.

One of the best parts about a pallet flow storage system is the fact that you can double or even triple its storage capacity compared to regular pallet racking systems. Because of its notable features, it is highly recommended for food distribution and perishable goods storage.

Drive-in/Drive-thru rack

A drive-in/drive-thru rack is ideal if you utilize forklifts and other equipment in your operations. That’s because it allows the said equipment to drive directly into the racks. They can go six or more pallets deep. This feature allows you to make the most of your available space and because of this, a drive-in/drive-thru rack is highly recommended for general warehousing and high-turnover retail products.

Cantilever rack

A cantilever rack does not have obstructive components that are going to hinder you from using most of your horizontal space. It also comes with adjustable lock-joint pin locks that are sturdy, safe, and easily allow height adjustment. On top of these, they come with accessories that are specifically designed to enhance safety and protection. The long list includes spring-loaded entry guides and drip-in decks. These racks are available in structural and roll-formed steel, making them ideal for storing pies, tires, and lumber.

Double deep

A double deep rack is assembled by attaching one row of selective racking behind one. With this strategic approach, you can instantly boost storage capacity by up to 40 percent. This is achieved without the need for additional expenses. To note, a double deep pallet racking system is ideal for general warehousing and manufacturing businesses.

Summing up

Simply put, storage plays a key role in the logistics sector and in the supply chain, in general. This, because it guarantees adequate delivery times and reduces warehouse losses. Along the way, it makes it possible to deliver better services and stay ahead of competition and may even help you increase your bottom line.

Putting all these into consideration, it is best to invest in the right pallet racking system that is going to perfectly complement your company’s needs, preferences, and budget.

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