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Can I take multivitamins at night?


Vitamins are an essential part of our body. They are responsible for many bodily functions. Lack of vitamins often leads to many complexities, which at times may also turn out to be serious and fatal. To avoid such an occurrence, it is essential to maintain a healthy balance of it. There are many multivitamin supplements in the market, each with its unique composition to help consumers tide over any shortfall. However, one of the most pertinent questions that are asked by users is regarding the timing of ingesting the multivitamin. Most enquire whether it is safe to take multivitamins at night.

What is a Multivitamin?

A multivitamin is a supplement consisting of all the known vitamin groups along with minerals and other constituents which are essential for the well-being of the human body. There are quite a few women multivitamins like HERA women multivitamins that have Iron and Calcium, aimed at strengthening bones and the nervous system. There are other categories of multivitamins too. Manufacturers have built custom-made multivitamins for those above 50 to help them get over the challenges of aging. There are multivitamins specifically aimed at pregnant women.

The Right Time to take one

It has always been mentioned that multivitamins do not have the correct time. However, certain things need to be considered while setting a routine. Most multivitamins are fat-soluble. That would mean it dissolves in the presence of fat and oil. This is the reason why it is always prescribed to have after a meal or during it.

However, when it comes to the timing of having multivitamins there are two schools of thought. The first one suggests that multivitamins really do not have a fixed time and hence can be had at any time. The second school of thought suggests that a women’s multivitamin or any for that matter needs to have had latest by the evening and not beyond that.

There are pertinent reasons for that. As has been mentioned earlier that most multivitamins are fat-soluble. That would mean it dissolves in the presence of fat and oil. It is also advised that dinner needs to be light and preferably devoid of oil and fat. Hence, it would become difficult for multivitamins to effectively dissolve leading to adverse digestive conditions. There is also the case of the body not absorbing it properly. Under such circumstances, the multivitamin will not be working and the purpose for its usage would not be served.

Another vital reason, researchers say, that works as a reason going against Multivitamins being taken at night is the rate of digestion. The body at night performs numerous functions when the body is at rest. As a result of this digestion slows down. This would also lead to inefficient absorption of multivitamins.

What is the ideal time to take multivitamins?

As per medical practitioners, the ideal time to take multivitamins is in the morning. That is because the B vitamins and the micronutrients stimulate the metabolism and the brain. It stimulus would be at its peak during the day slowly degrading towards the night when the individual goes off to sleep.

However, the main reason mornings are probably the best time to have multivitamins is because a routine can be maintained. At the far end of the day, the probability of forgetting to take medicines is high. In the morning, the mind is at its sharpest. There is a wholesome ability of the brain to remember things. It is helpful, therefore, to maintain a schedule right in the morning.

With or without food?

As mentioned multiple times before, multivitamins work best with a meal or after it. That is because a large number of vitamins dissolve in the presence of fat. Iron, magnesium, and fish oil are some of the minerals and nutrients that cause stomach upset. Hence, they should always be taken in the presence of a snack. Many individuals take their multivitamins during breakfast and being the first meal of the day, it tends to be fat-free. However, a little bit of fat needs to be added to the menu to help absorb the supplement.

Then there is the case of probiotics which work best if taken 30 minutes before a meal. One must also keep in mind that the best way to counter any adverse effect arising out of the supplements is by adequately hydrating oneself. Water plays an important role in dissolving the micronutrients and assisting them in getting added to bodily functions.

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