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Vakrasana : Mehthod, Benefits & Precautions

Vakrasana is an important yoga posture, by doing which the spine and body get strong. Vakrasana is done sitting, it works to remove the fatigue present inside us. By doing this yoga asana, the stiffness of the body goes away. So let’s know about the benefits and ways of doing Vakrasana.

What is Vakrasana Yoga?

First of all, what is Vakrasana? And how to do Vakrasana. Vakra means ‘curved’ that is bent and mudra means posture, therefore it is called Mudrasana, so let’s know about the way to do Vakrasana.

Method of doing Vakrasana :

  • Before doing any yoga asana, one should be well aware of the method of doing it, otherwise you can get into trouble, if done wrongly then it can have the opposite effect, so let’s see how to do Vakrasana?


  • First of all, sit in the fresh air by laying on a mat and feel the relaxation, spread both the legs.


  • Taking a light breath, bend your right knee and take it next to the left knee i.e. the left leg.


  • Keep your spine straight, and then bend your waist to the left.


  • Apply pressure on the left knee with the elbow of the right hand.


  • And feel the stretch inside your whole body.


  • With your right hand, you can take light support on the back side.


  • Come to the starting position while exhaling.


  • You can practice this action according to your own will as long as you feel comfortable.

Benefits of doing Vakrasana :

1- Benefits of Vakrasana for the spinal cord – By doing Vakrasana yoga, the bone of the spine is strengthened and flexibility increases, it also provides relief from pain. By doing this yoga, there is also relief in back pain, when doing this yoga posture, there is pressure on the waist, which is beneficial for back pain.

2- Benefits of Vakrasana for Diabetes – By doing this yoga asana daily, it can help to some extent in the problem of diabetes. By doing this yoga, insulin is produced which is beneficial for diabetic patients.

3- Benefits of Vakrasana to remove weakness – By doing Vakrasana, there is relief in the weakness in the body because by doing it there is pressure on the whole body which is necessary for energy.

4- Benefits of Vakrasana for Respiratory System – It is beneficial for our respiratory system and lungs.

5- Benefits of Vakrasana for belly fat – Vakrasana is beneficial in reducing belly fat, when doing it, there is pressure in the stomach, due to which the fat starts melting and the stomach becomes thin.

6- Benefits of Vakrasana for Constipation – This yogasana is beneficial for constipation and gas problems. Due to this, constipation and gas are relieved.

7- Benefits of Vakrasana for muscles – It proves to be beneficial for the muscles, if this yoga is done regularly, then the muscles become strong.

8- Benefits of Vakrasana for lethargy and convulsions – When doing this asana, the whole body is twisted in it, due to which laziness and lethargy, convulsions are removed.



Things to note in doing  Vakrasana :

 What precautions should be taken while doing Vakrasana?


  • Some precautions should also be taken in doing Vakrasana so that there is no problem in any way.


  • If you have back pain, do not do this yoga asana.


  • If there is a complaint of swelling, pain in the leg, knee, then this yogasana should not be done.


  • If you have had any kind of surgery in the stomach then do not do it.


  • If there is a problem of pain and swelling in the spinal cord, do not do it.


  •  If you feel any kind of problem in doing this, then it should not be done.


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