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Top 7 Free Self-Education Websites From Mathematics to Cybernetics

The famous science fiction writer Ray Bradbury never received higher education, about which he said without shame: “When I was 19, I could not go to college: I was from a poor family. We had no money, so I went to the library. 

I read books three days a week. At the age of 27, instead of university, I graduated from the library. “Most people now have access to the Internet, where you can find a lot of useful knowledge – if you know where to find it. 

Information has made for you a selection of sites and services where you can get additional education for free.

The Top 7 Free Self-Education Websites From Mathematics to Cybernetics Are:

  1. Calculator-app
  2. Coursera
  3. Stepic
  4. Lectorium
  5. Post-science
  6. Arzamas
  7. HTML Academy
  8. Calculator-app.

Online calculator helps you to solve complex mathematical problems or cross-check. we have multiple calculators like Maths, Cross-product calculator, Physics, Chemistry, etc. problem solves very easily with Advance methods with our online calculator.

  1. Coursera.

Coursera is an educational platform with courses from world universities and companies: the universities of Illinois and Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford, IBM, Intel, Google. Most of the courses are free to watch.

Almost all courses are in English, but there are often Russian subtitles. There are also Russian language courses from Yandex, Sberbank, NRU HSE, MGIMO.

There are additional paid services: checking tasks by specialists, issuing certificates. Some universities even offer degree programs, but these are not cheap.

  1. Stepic.

Stepik is a platform with courses in Russian and English from Russian universities, companies, and just enthusiasts: here everyone can make their own course and publish it in the public domain.

You can watch and create courses in the public domain for free. It also hosts contests, promotions, and Olympiads: for example, the International Bioinformatics Olympiad and the online stage of the Total Dictation.

  1. Lectorium.

Lectorium is an educational project with free open courses. There are courses in Russian and English. In addition to courses, you can watch lectures by university professors on various topics.

  1. Post-science.

Postnauka is an educational project about fundamental sciences and scientists. There is a section with courses and a magazine with detailed materials. Tells about biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, robotics, history, psychology.

  1. Arzamas.

Arzamas is a humanitarian project. Here you can take courses and tests, listen to lectures and podcasts, read a magazine, study educational programs and play. The lecturers are specialists in the field of history, cultural studies, theatre studies, music, art, sociology, philosophy.

  1. HTML Academy.

HTML Academy website with interactive courses on web technologies on the frontend (from the English Frontend – the client part of the user interface). You can complete 300 basic interactive tasks for free, the advanced level costs money.

The assignments are structured from easy to difficult: you can start learning with zero programming knowledge. You will be accompanied by the instructor Keks, a funny ginger cat. Learning with assignments about cats in such a complex area is easier and more fun.

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