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Top Five common issues of electric cooktop?


An electric cooktop is an essential appliance that provides you with a strong-heat source for preparing numerous dishes. It is extensively installed in homes to offer consistent and precise temperatures for uniform cooking. However, its efficiency and longevity will deteriorate with time and usage. The electric cooktop does not operate appropriately when it needs maintenance or appliance repair service. 

While some issues are fast-tracked to resolve using DIY methods, the other issues require professional assistance. Therefore, we are listing some causes that you can fix at home. 

Five Issues of Electric Cooktop!

Since many homeowners use electric cooktop to prepare delicious foods for their families or friends, the appliance can experience different issues. Nonetheless, you can save the cooktop by staying aware of the minor problems and repairing them on time. It will spare you money on significant futuristic repairs. Now let’s start with the common issues:

#1 The appliance does not start:
If your cooktop is not correctly plugged in or the outlet is damaged, it will not turn ON. Therefore, you need to inspect the outlet and plug to resolve the issue. If it fails to restart after inspection, you need to procure
Cooktop Repair services. The professionals will look for damaged components to fix them.

#2 The coils are not heating:
It is related to the power supply. Hence, you can check the electrical connection between the cooktop and the outlet to resolve the problem.

#3 Temperature cannot be adjusted:
If you cannot adjust the cooktop temperature, you have to replace the thermostat. You can take help from
appliance repair Phoenix professionals. They will install a branded and compatible thermostat for your convenient cooking.

#4 The cooktop is sparking:
It occurs due to improper electrical connection or wiring and defective heating element. You can diagnose the wiring or repair the heating element after watching YouTube videos.

#5 Damaged indicators:
If you cannot notice the temperature or other display settings, you need indicator replacement. You can remove the damaged indicators or diodes at home to avoid expensive repairs. The indicators are easy to install and cost-effective.


A cooktop is a simplified device, yet its issues are challenging to understand and address. If you carefully consider the above-listed causes and their solutions, you can save money on upcoming Cooktop Repair services. Consistent saving is an end-goal of every homeowner; therefore, we will feel blessed if the deciphered solutions work for you. Start using your smart brain to save money on expensive repairs.

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