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Why Do You Need To Give The Mot Test?


The government of the UK is quite strict with road and traffic laws. Being a driver in this country can be difficult if you don’t know about the basic laws. Once you are aware of all the important rules, you are good to hit the road. The MOT test belongs to the same category of laws that ensures you are driving a safe vehicle.

The sole purpose of this test is to enable safe drives and minimise road hazards. Studies have revealed that most road collisions are caused due to poorly maintained vehicles. This is why the UK government expects you to get your vehicle tested for the mot Newport every year. But most drivers find themselves clueless about the MOT test. They struggle with the basic information about this test.

This blog contains all the information about an MOT test. This will help you clear the test in one go and also save the money of a retest. 

What is an MOT test? The UK government makes sure that you are driving a safe car. So, every three-year or older vehicle needs to pass the MOT, which is an annual test. You can get the test scheduled at your nearest test centre. 

During this test, the various components of a vehicle are tested for damages and other issues. The officials test your car to ensure that it is roadworthy and safe to drive. In a way, an MOT test plays a key role in keeping you safe on the road. You also pay more attention to your car’s well-being.

What If I Don’t Pass The Mot Test?

In the UK, passing an MOT test is mandatory for every vehicle. Not conforming to this rule can cost you a hefty fine and a few points on your license. So, you are advised to get your car tested as soon as it completes three years of service. 

However, if you fail the test, you can always apply for an MOT retest. Every vehicle failing the test is eligible for a retest. It can be done at the same test centre. You also get a free MOT retest if it is attempted within ten working days of failing the test.

Where Do I Get The Mot Done?

There are many certified MOT test centres in the country. You can book your appointment and reach the place on the given date and time. The test hardly takes 2 hours. But a few test centres ask you to leave the car with them in the morning and collect it by the evening.

Categories Of The Test Result

The test result is either a pass or fail. But these are subdivided into other divisions. A clear pass is the one when the car is healthy and roadworthy. You are sometimes given a passing certificate with a warning notice. This means that the car is good-to-go at the test time but may soon need to be repaired. 

A failure with dangerous issues means you can’t drive the car anymore. You will have to get the repairs done and apply for the retest. It is only after the retest has been passed that you will be able to drive the car. You also don’t get to drive the car if the car fails with major issues. 

However, you are allowed to drive a vehicle that has failed the test with minor faults. 

It is recommended that you get your car serviced on time and never miss the annual maintenance service. This helps in passing the MOT test.

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