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6 Best Foods In Kolkata That Are To Die For!


Bengalis are known for their enthusiasm they show while choosing their foods. Needless to say, this trait often finds its way to the delectable foods this city scoops out from its nook & corner. Food and Hospitality is one of the things that tends to unite all residents. So, if you reside in this gastronomical city or you’re here for a quick tour – gorge on these delicacies as they will blow your tastebuds to cloud 9…!! 

1 – Dudh puli pithe and patishapta 

As the chilly months are already here Bengali households are getting busy preparing these sweet delicacies. Using nolen gur (a variant of jaggery) for all types of rice cakes, this makes the Bengalis first tastiest medicine! Yes, jaggery has been proven to boost Your immune system against cough and cold and also contains antioxidants. 

So, you are not only treating your tastebuds but also charging up for the other heavenly dishes this city has to offer!

2 – Chicken and fish kabiraji   

A delightful & filling snack, minced chicken or fish is coated with ginger-garlic paste, egg and bread crumbs. Then it is deep-fried in oil and served with a spicy Bengali mustard sauce. It is said that even the great Rabindranath Tagore often visited the alleys of College Street and found his way to Basanta cabin. 

Among the best foods in Kolkata, chicken and fish kabiraji are among the top list as they are a wonderful alternative to the pakodas and Kachoris that non-bengalis prefer. You can also drop by Allen’s kitchen for their delectable fowl and prawn cutlet. Or, hop into Mitra Cafe for fish fry and mutton brain chop.  

3 – Mutton biryani and Chicken chaap 

It is said that once the land of nawabs, Kolkata has revolutionized Awadhi style Biryani to a new level. By adding aalu (potato) to the biryani and even a boiled egg if you request for one, love and spices culminate into a juicy affair. 

Some of the renowned names that can offer the best of biryanis in Kolkata are Bawarchi Family Restaurant, Shiraj Golden Restaurant, India restaurant, Zam Zam (they also serve beef) among many others! The newest addition, Oudh 1590 is also serving one of the most aromatic biryani you will ever find in India. 

4 – Take a trip to the Chinese colony 

You can find some of the best foods in Kolkata in Tangra and Tiretta Bazar also known as the old ChinaTown. From streets filled with the aroma of freshly minced pork or lamp and flavoursome meifoon (glassy rice noodles), you can find the top Chinese delicacies in this area. Also, renowned for their prawn, fish and chicken dumplings, Tiretta Bazar is where you can dive into a gastronomic voyage of Chinese breakfast. 

5 – For your fish only! 

Bengalis are known for their love for fish. Whether it is the iconic hilsa or lobster prawn, Maach Bhaat (fish with rice) is the ultimate comfort food for not only the pot-bellied Bengalis but also, for anyone who has tried this heavenly dish for the first time. 

Words of advice: Although reputed restaurants like 6 Ballygunge Place or Saptapadi are famed for their traditional Bengali cuisine, it is best that you try this best food in Kolkata from a humble Bengali household (if possible). 

6 – Phuchkas – The balls of Wonder

Also known as panipuri in the rest of Indian subcontinent, fuchkas are the spicier version of your regular golgappa. No matter how much hygienic the restaurants’ foods offer, these are to be tasted from the streets! 

There’s a saying, life on the streets is hard but, with a fruitful outcome. These little balls of wonders seem to justify that statement! 

That being said, the Bengali cuisine extends far beyond the ones mentioned. With all the festivals and cultural events that weave into an enticing and exciting gastronomical journey, it is fair enough to say – why wait? 

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