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Proven Strategies To Stay Motivated In Your Chosen Career


Maybe you have your dream job or maybe you’re just trying to make ends meet. Regardless, the best performers in any field are the ones who are the most highly motivated. It is easier to be motivated about your work if your career involves doing what you love. Although sometimes you may still find yourself in the doldrums when your motivation level sinks and you can’t get any quality work done.

It is vital for any professional to stay motivated in their chosen career in order to be productive. With a majority of people being dissatisfied at their jobs, it is extremely important to take steps to motivate yourself. Career counseling for students in Kolkata can help you find the career best suited to you and stay motivated. Being motivated will not help your productivity but it will also help you reach your highest potential career-wise. Here are ways you can stay motivated at work.


    • Make an Effort: 
      If you want to succeed in your career you have to make an effort and commit to your work. Make a consistent effort to put your best into everything you do instead of taking short cuts, even on days you feel less inspired to do so. Making this a habit will help you achieve results and in turn, help you stay motivated
    • Set Goals: 
      Set both long term and short term goals. Decide where you want to be in your career and work towards that gradually. Make a to-do list every day and tick items off as you complete them. This will give you a sense of achievement and motivate you to get everything on your list done. Remember, the road to success is paved by focusing on the opportunities, not obstacles. Create a self-rewarding system when you achieve your goals. Indulge in a special snack or treat yourself to something nice on accomplishing major tasks.
    • Take Breaks: 
      Working continuously without any breaks will actually add more stress and result in low quality work. Take short breaks to shift your focus. Take a few minutes to change your surroundings. Step away from whatever you are working on by taking a walk, saying hello to a colleague or just getting yourself a drink of water. This will refresh your mind and help you focus better.
    • Build Connections: 
      Get to know your co-workers. Spend a few minutes every day to reach out to them and have a meaningful conversation. Being on good terms with colleagues personally will make you look forward to working with them. You may also come across valuable information and build lasting friendships in the long run
    • Revamp your Wardrobe: 
      Pick out work clothes that will enhance your persona as a smart and efficient worker. Productivity depends a lot on how you feel. Pick appropriate clothes that you will enjoy wearing and which make you feel energized. This will boost your confidence, motivating you to get more work done efficiently
      Occasionally, you may feel like your career has come to a dead-end and it is difficult to focus on your job.

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Try to motivate yourself by following the steps explained above on a regular basis. You may also reach out to career counseling agencies like Motivational Career for more insight and tools to help you stay motivated. Alternatively, you may be a beginner fresh out of college with a plethora of confusing choices before you. You may avail career counseling for students in Kolkata to help you assess your aptitudes and choose a career that will help you excel in your chosen field.

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  • Nikhil Jaiswal is a veteran career counsellor with experience in the field of over two decades. She has helped hundreds of fresh graduates and post-graduates find their right path in life by helping them channelize their skills, talents, life goals, and passions into the most suitable career.