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What Do QA Analysts Do? Do You Want To Become An Analyst?

You’ve heard about the recent boom in tech jobs and want to get involved. Professional employment in computing and IT roles will increase 13 percent from 2017 to 2027, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and their median annual salary – $90000 -is significantly higher than the median annual salary for all occupations, $40000.

Strong career growth, decent getting potential, and your natural skill with technology make this field a palpable job choice. But with so many tech jobs, you’re not sure which role is suited for you. We’re here to enlighten a job title you may have seen but may not know much about quality assurance analyst, sometimes referred to as a QA examiner or QA analyst. If you enjoy focusing on details, working with new trends, and problem-solving, this position could be your choice. But first, you must get all the work details like the QA Analyst job description and salary. Read on to find out more about what this technical career has to offer!

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What are the responsibilities of a QA Analyst?

QA is referred for Quality Assurance, which gives you a good insight into the professional responsibilities that come with this career. QA analysts work to ensure high premium standard products across all types of industries, from food to medical devices. In the tech world, QA analysts usually focus on software testing.

QA analysts are specialists who evaluate software functionality and look for bugs and issues- said Shulepov, CEO of Riseapps. Quality Analyst is a phase that occurs many times in the software engineering process to ensure that the final product is bug-free. The most common job of a QA analyst is to run code to see if it works properly and if it can be used on different devices- Shulepov said.

All issues are then documented and described to the development team for resolution. This cycle is recurring until the product is satisfied for the end user. Other aspects of the QA job description include developing test procedures, monitoring bug fixes, maintaining a database of known bugs, and providing feedback on overall usability and functionality. Our QA Training is a custom-made one for the techy professionals

Where do QA Analysts work?

Technological companies developing applications and other software need QA analysts, but they are not the only business employing these result-based professionals. We accessed data from to treasure the top 5 industries hiring QA analysts:

  • Software development
  • Hotels
  • Engineering services
  • R and D services
  • Aerospace products and services

Are any of these industries surprising? Software is just a tool, and it can be used in a variety of circumstances. Quality assurance is required in every area where software is used – and almost everyone does! This is good news for ambitious QA analysts who may have the opening to fit their career to an area of ​​interest.

What qualities do the best QA analysts have?

Care to aspect and exceptional problem-solving skills are essential for any QA analyst- Shulepov said. Without careful attention to detail, quality assurance employees can miss defects that cause problems with the finished product.

This is not the only useful trait in this career. Search’s data for the top convenient skills their QA analysts want to see.

You may already recognize your natural abilities from the list. This is a sign that you can excel in this career field! However, some specialized technical skills are also a prerequisite for this position. Domain skill and knowledge of various technologies, frameworks, and libraries make real QA experts-says Shulepov. Combine these soft skills with the technical skills required to fulfill all the qualities a quality assurance professional must possess.

How Much Do QA Analysts Earn?

Of course, the average QA Analyst’s salary will be a vital factor for us. Nobody wants to start a career that doesn’t care for them financially.

You will be happy to hear that QA Analysts have strong money-making potential. The US Department of Labor reports that the median annual salary for QA analysts in 2020 was $95000. With projected above-average job growth through 2028, this position is well-positioned for the future. It is also quite common for qualified QA analysts to study other aspects of software or web development, which can help expand their potential job opportunities.

How to become a QA Analyst?

You have a pretty great idea of ​​what it means to be a Quality assurance Analyst. Now you need to know the ways how to become that role! Shulepov shares that it is probable to enter this career by self-taught the necessary skills, but this path can present significant challenges. After that, unless the applicant is very strong-minded, it won’t be easy to get a job. agrees, our analysis of 80000 QA job openings shows that 82 percent of job openings seek candidates with a bachelor’s degree.

But what degree does one need to become a QA Analyst? For those who wish to specialize in software testing, a computer science degree can lead to a fulfilling career as a QA analyst. A computer science degree can help you acquire the skills necessary to recognize the fundamentals of software development while building the required competencies to navigate effectively in a collaborative development environment.


Analyze your willingness for this career. You already know the fundamentals of this career, from the QA job description to the QA Analyst salary and everything in between.

You have analyzed your compatibility with this Quality Analyst training. If the results show that you have what it takes to become a QA Analyst, your next step is to learn more about the QA training you will need to get started. Join our courses today.

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