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How to Prepare For Drama School Auditions?


The audition process is nerve-wracking, especially in a school of acting in Mumbai. It takes a few weeks to several months until you finally nail the audition. But until then, you have to go through several sleepless nights and emails you desperately scan for any updates, whether good or bad. The overall process can be fun and creative if you proceed with generosity, goodwill, some hard work, and a sense of humor. We hope the following pointers will help you –

Research beyond the official website –

Along with checking out the official website of an acting school, you should also speak to other candidates who have gone through auditions in social media or online blog posts. This way, you can better prepare for d-day and stay a step ahead of others.

Be what you are –

The audition panel will want to know you in person. You may also have an interview after the audition. Consider sharing your ambitions and goals that can match with their motto.

Budget –

Keep in mind that attending auditions is not free. You need to pay a certain amount of entry fees. Also add the cost of accommodation, travel, and other expenses. You have to book it all in advance to save your worries in the future and focus more on auditions.

Practice –

Learn the monologue fully that you are going to perform. The panel may ask you about the character, your thought process on some topics, and your purpose behind choosing that act. So, be sure to read the whole play, along with the part you are playing.

Preparation –

You may want to perform your part differently, from the view of someone else or with another emotion. Show that you are willing to try anything that comes your way, even though you are not prepared. You should also keep it in mind along with perfect performance. You may also have to perform in group workshops and other stages. Be involved and show your workshop/teamwork skills.

Don’t show off a fake accent –

Use your accent to make your performance look more genuine. Otherwise, the panel might be left wondering where your character belongs. It is always recommended to stick to your accent because they will prefer your real voice to listen to.   

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