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Get Lots of Opportunity to Do MBBS in Ukraine


  • Fulfill Lifelong Dream of Becoming a Good Doctor

MBBS in Ukraine has emerged as an option for Indian students since the last decade as it has given an opportunity to the students to fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming a good doctor.

  • Quality of Infrastructure Facilities

Another reason why the students choose to study MBBS in Ukraine is that the quality of infrastructure facilities of the country.

  • Students Get Lots of Facilities at Universities

Universities are great and students get lots of facilities here in comparison to the medical universities of India.

  • Universities of Ukraine Approval and Recognition from MCI

Approval and recognition from the MCI (Medical Council of India) have also worked in favor of the medical universities of Ukraine.

  • Education in Abroad from an MCI Approved University

As the students are now aware of the fact that they can only pursue their education abroad from an MCI (Medical Council of India) approved university if they want to come back to India after their studies.

  • Got Plans to go to another Country

The students sometimes have also got plans to go to another country once they complete their education and once they complete their studies from a country like Ukraine.

  • Lots of Opportunities with Worldwide Accepted Degree

They get lots of opportunities to go and pursue their course career in many countries as the degree is worldwide accepted which is received from a Ukrainian medical school.

  • FMGE Passing Percentage from a Ukraine School

The FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) passing percentage of the students who have completed their studies from a Ukraine medical school is on the higher side.

  • Taught MBBS Course in the English Language

The course duration is for 6 years and the students will be taught in the English language in all the MCI (Medical Council of India) approved universities.

  • Select a Good Education Consultant

There are many good and bad consultancies which are giving promises to the students in order to give the admissions.

  • The Student to Choose a Consultancy after Reading the Reviews

It is important for the student to choose a consultancy after reading the reviews and not just on the basis of word of mouth or on the basis of videos that the consultancies posts.

  • The Seriousness of the University Giving the Best Results

The student-teacher ratio judges the seriousness of the university in giving the best results.

  • Give Admissions to a High Number of Students

Those universities who give admissions to a high number of students in comparison to the number of teachers then that university generally doesn’t give favorable results.

  • Ukraine Not Prefer Quantity over Quality

There are many countries that prefer quantity over quality and which affects the results and the quality of education. However, that is not the case with the Universities of Ukraine.

  • Well-Furnished Laboratories with Modern and Advanced Equipment

The universities of the country have well-furnished laboratories with modern and advanced equipment necessary for the learning and training of the students.

  • Achieve his Dream to Study MBBS in Abroad

For the last few years, it has really become easy for any student to achieve his dream to study MBBS abroad as several wonderful options are available in many countries.

  • Ukraine has an Affordable Fee Structure

For them in terms of providing education as per the MCI (Medical Council of India) requirements and also the affordable fee structure system of many nations such as Ukraine.

  • Given Basic Knowledge of the Local Language

To help the students during their stay in the country, the students are also given basic knowledge of the local language.

  • Training and Internship and Daily Living Is Vey Amazing

So, the students at the time of their training and internship and daily living should not face any trouble while dealing with the local people of Ukraine if they know the local language of the country.

  • Providing the Students with Excellent Hostel Facilities

The country’s universities are well known for providing the students with excellent hostel facilities and provide them comfort in the rooms.

  • Basic Necessities Items are Installed in the Rooms

By ensuring all the basic necessities items are installed in the rooms which include a fan, air conditioner, bed, furniture, etc.

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