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Concrete Pumping- Fastest Concrete Pouring

In many cases, conventional means of transporting concrete is impractical or impossible, so when it gets decisive to manage time, labor and costs it is best to choose 
concrete pump hire to alleviate these issues to streamline the process. This process helps to transport liquid concrete to inaccessible areas without any limitation. How is so valuable? Well… the speed, accessibility, and efficiency of transporting and poring are beyond words. Concrete pumps are used to transport concrete mix through a separate pipe with the help of a pumping machine having a piston-driven mechanism. In the process you can see at one end the concrete is discharging through the pipe and on the other end, the concrete is being drawn through the hopper. 

What are the two common types of concrete pumps?

The purpose of each type of concrete pump hire is the same, but there are two types of concrete pumping methods that are used in the industry;

  1. Line pumps
  2. Boom pumps 

Application of Line pumps

This is one of the most popular concrete pumping machines which transports concrete with the help of hydraulic pumps through pipes and hoses. These pipes help to pour concrete at the exact location where it is required. This is one of the most commonly used machines for pumping concrete after boom pumps.

Application of boom pumps

These pumps have similar functioning to line pumps which use the hydraulic process to transport concrete to a specific location. However, boom pump machines have hydraulic arms attached, giving the ability to rotate pipes to reach exact areas. This is one of the best methods of pouring especially in projects which have access problems or other obstacles.

Advantages of concrete pumping

Increase in efficiency- it is one of the easiest and fastest ways of pouring concrete even at an inaccessible or huge site. It is a preferred method of pouring if you want to meet project timelines.

The high strength of concrete:

In old times, the concrete mix was transported in wheelbarrows with the help of labor which required a lot of effort and time. The more concerning point was that the concrete got contaminated with dust which resulted in losing the strength of concrete.

Reduces wastage– concrete pump hire:

Transports concrete through pipes and pours through nasal pumps which makes little or zero spillage unlike moving through wheelbarrows. This results in making this method an eco-friendly option.


All the above pros of this method including greater efficiency, fewer labor costs, less wastage helps the contractors to minimize their overall project costs. Concrete pump hires not only reduce costs but it also minimizes the time wasted as it is a speedy process.

Get reliable suppliers

choose suppliers which will help you enjoy the process without any stress. You can search online, look into reviews, and land on reliable suppliers near you. A company having updated and good working pumping machines with good customer service is all you need.


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