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Properties of Volumetric Concrete


It is not an unknown fact that concrete has been considered the main constituent in the construction of buildings. volumetric concrete is being used for ages now and in modern times; it has also evolved into several kinds. The evolution of concrete has made it easier for the workforce bearing in mind the increasing competition of constructing commercial and residential structures.

Concrete itself is not an individual material instead it is made up of water, cement, and aggregate. Altogether, they make a substance that is strong enough to build foundations of tall structures. This is the only substance that is durable and tough, and it can handle severity very well. Following are some of the properties of concrete that no other material can replace.


When constructing any commercial or residential building, it is necessary to have a solid base upon which the building has to stand. If the foundation is weak, there will always be a chance that the structure might collapse. Therefore, high-quality volumetric concrete is used for such a purpose. The consistency of concrete depends on the purpose it is being used for. For instance, thick consistency is tougher than more liquid form. Paste like form is the best consistency for any purpose; however, pavements or slabs might not require such consistency.


Volumetric concrete can endure high-frequency vibrations that are usually caused by earthquakes. It can also stand firm against strong winds, storms, and heavy snowfall. Therefore, it can survive natural hazards. It is possible that the building might be damaged but an entire structure cannot fall. Concrete is also indestructible and can only be collapsed if strong force like bulldozers is used. That is why; the construction industry used lots of concrete to build commercial and domestic structures.

Heat and Cooling Absorbent:

Concrete is able to absorb heat and coolness in itself. Most people might have notices and effect of coolness on the construction site when a house or any other building is being constructed. It remains cool regardless of how hot the weather is. This is because volumetric concrete absorbs the coolness. Similarly, it can also hold heat for a prolonged period.

You may have heard about rescue missions where people are safely rescued from the situation of fire. Concrete walls are able to hold heat for hours, which makes it possible for rescue teams to save the lives of people inside the building. Only when the heat is unbearable by concrete, the structure catches fire.

Rot, Decay, or Burn:

Concrete is the only thing that cannot rot, decay, or burn. It is also eco-friendly as it has no toxicity. It has been used to make roads and dams, which proves its properties. Roads face heavy traffic and heat is produced when tires friction against the surface of the roads, yet they do not catch fire or do not break. Likewise, dams are built to store a massive amount of water. Water itself has weight, yet concrete dams do not leak or break open.

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