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Look into the strengths and weaknesses of shutter doors before installing them.


Residential and commercial properties both require security, That is why using shutters can help you protect your property against attackers or intruders. 

A shutter door is made from steel or aluminum and can either be manual or motorized. It uses a raising and lowering mechanism for operation. Many property owners are already using this type of door. 

But to decide whether it’s also the right option for you, it’s important to look into its pros and cons. Here we talk about the strengths and weaknesses of shutter doors. Let’s get started. 


1- Increases security. Shutters cannot be opened from the outside as long as you close them properly. They also cannot be broken easily as they’re made from tough materials. If you’re looking to increase security for your business, then you can use shutters for your entryways, especially your front doors. You can keep away burglars and thieves from trying to access your property and leave with peace of mind.

2- Enhances privacy. Whether you decide to install shutters for your home or business, they can be a great addition to boost privacy in your property. If you want to keep onlookers and passersby from peeking inside your premises, you can simply roll down your shutters. This is especially the case if the door is facing the streets. If you want a source of natural lighting, you can close the shutters halfway. The same goes for when you want to take a break and close your shop temporarily.

3- Convenient to use. If you’re installing motorized shutters, you no longer have to manually raise or lower them. You can use a remote to operate the shutters, anywhere you are. You don’t have to walk to the door if you need some privacy or would like to close down for the day. 

4- Aesthetically pleasing, Shutters are available in Singapore which can be customized according to your needs. Regardless of the size of your doors, you can coordinate with a professional supplier to design and install shutters for you. Once your shutter doors are all set, you can fully appreciate their appeal from inside or outside of your property.

5- Minimizes noise. If your property is on a busy street, you can also use your shutters to control the noise level in your property. Once fully closed, they can help keep noise from reaching inside. 


1- If you’re using manual shutters, you may find the extra effort to operate them as a disadvantage.

2- If you’re using automated shutters, on the other hand, you may find the initial costs more expensive. The upside is that you get to enjoy the benefits that you won’t be able to if you are to choose their manual counterpart. 

3- Also, while shutters are low-maintenance, you need to ensure they’re kept in good condition. Depending on the materials used, they may rust or deteriorate in quality if not properly cleaned or maintained. Ask your supplier about proper care techniques for your shutters.

Learn more about using shutter doors in Singapore

If you’re interested in installing shutters for your property, get in touch with a trusted designer and installer in your area. Understand more of their features and limitations so you can make an informed decision later on.

Check out GLIDEROL in Singapore for shutter products.


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