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What is the S Pass work permit?

The S Pass is a type of work pass in Singapore which is a short-term work visa. Individuals who are from a skilled worker’s sector can avail of an S Pass work permit. They have to pass the requirements set by the company. They need to pass the eligibility requirements of the Singapore government. Semi-skilled workers are allowed to apply for the S Pass work permit. This type of working permit can be renewed or upgraded. That is if the two-year validity period has passed.

What does an S Pass work permit entail?

A worker of any race or nationality can get an S Pass to be able to work in Singapore. Employers who hire S Pass holders need to pay them similar to the pay they give to Singapore citizens. They should be given medical or health insurance.

Companies have to follow a few quota systems when it comes to hiring S Pass work permit holders. Business under the service sector is only allowed to have 15% or less of their employees to be S Pass holders. Other sectors allow a maximum of 20% of total employee members to be S Pass holders. Once that is followed, an S Pass holder can work freely in that Singaporean company.

An S Pass work permit holder can have the option to bring a family member or relative to Singapore. That is if they are earning S$4,000 or more monthly. Furthermore, an S Pass is the first step that should the foreigner take for the process of becoming a Singapore permanent resident.

What are the requirements for an S Pass work permit?

Each S Pass applicant needs to have a fixed monthly salary of more than S$2,000. Aside from that, a foreigner’s eligibility to apply for an S Pass will be based on his work experience and educational qualification. Those with technical specialization in a certain business field is greatly considered. Applicants who claim to have longer work experience should be earning a higher salary. Therefore, the salary should be in congruence with the work experience of the applicant.

Only the employer can apply for an S Pass on behalf of the applicant. That is because an S Pass applicant is not allowed to switch employers. The S Pass applicant, on the other hand, should be able to complete and pass an assessment. They too are not allowed to do other jobs other than what is stated in their S Pass application. Therefore, the employer and the employee must learn more about the S Pass regulations before applying for one.

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