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5 Picturesque Train Routes in Europe You Should Take Before You Die


Europe has been switching to more Eco-friendly types of transportation for quite some time already. This is the continent that decided to say no to cheap affordable flights and look for alternative and more clean ways of travel. Although, flights still have the biggest share in European travel, train rides are becoming more and more popular. And fairly so. The continent boasts some of the most picturesque trains routes in Europe that is worth taking at least once in your lifetime.

In this article we will provide the list of the best train routes in Europe that offers picturesque landscapes and dazzling environment.

5 Picturesque Train Routes in Europe

Millions of people choose to travel by train for many reasons. Some people enjoy the convenience of getting on a train to get into the city. Others prefer the environmental benefits of riding a train to a plane. For whatever the reason you take the train ride in Europe, we recommend you to check out ETIAS website too for detailed information about EU Travel regulations.

Here is the list of the most beautiful and picturesque train routes in Europe:

The Cinque Terre Express, Italy

The Cinque Terre Express is a train that connects the five towns in the Italian region of Liguria. It is the only way to get from one town to another, as there are no roads or ferries.

The Cinque Terre Express was originally built in 1892 and has since been renovated many times. A truly magical corner of Liguria awaits you with its colorful houses, wind-shaped cliffs and views of the crystal-clear sea. In 1998, Cinque Terre National Park became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trails are perfect for those who love trekking. There are many activities for sea lovers, including snorkeling, diving, and watersports.

The Bernina Railway, Switzerland

The Bernina Railway is the most famous and popular mountain railway in Switzerland. It is a steep and narrow rack railway that connects the cities of Tirano and St. Moritz, passing through some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe. It is 61 kilometers long.

The Railway is famous for its spectacular scenery, its architecture and its cultural heritage. The railway line runs through the Alps at a height of 2,253 metres on bridges, viaducts and tunnels that have been designed by some of the world’s most famous architects including Gottfried Semper and Ferdinand von Miller.

The Bernina Railway has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008.

The West Highland Line, Scotland

If you have ever dreamed of taking the trip then, The West Highland Line is one of Scotland’s most scenic railways, with spectacular views of Loch Lomond, Ben Lomond and Loch Long on the way to Mallaig. It has been designated as a National Scenic Railway by Historic Scotland, due to its outstanding beauty and historical value.

The Semmering Railway, Austria

The Semmering Railway is a railway line in Austria, part of the Austrian Southern Railway. It was opened in 1854 and is the one of the oldest railway lines in Austria.

The Semmering Railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it represents the oldest operational narrow gauge railway line in Europe, which was built by the Austrian engineer Franz Anton von Gerstner between 1848 and 1854. The line was electrified in 2008 and now runs on 750V DC overhead catenary wire system.

The railways winds through the Austrian mountains and crosses 16 viaducts. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the top of the mountain, surrounded by lush forests and beautiful clearings.

The Flamsbana railway, Norway

The Flamsbana railway is a narrow-gauge railway in Norway. It is a tourist attraction that has been attracting visitors since it was built in 1875.

The Flamsbana railway is one of the oldest railways in Norway. Built by the Norwegian state railways, it was first opened in 1875 and became an attraction for tourists and hikers ever since.

The Flamsbana railway is a narrow-gauge line that runs through the Gudbrandsdal Valley, between the towns of Lillehammer and Flåm. The line starts at Lillehammer Station, which has been rebuilt into a museum as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Lillehammer-Flåm National Park, at an altitude of 1,037 meters above sea level.


Even though train travel is not as popular as it used to be in the past century, it still provides one of the best traveling experiences. Especially, if the railway goes through beautiful landscapes and picturesque sceneries, like forests, mountains, villages and sea. When in Europe try to take one of these routes to fully enjoy your trip, though, we must warn you, it might be quite expensive.

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