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What Are The Advantages Of Installing A Pergola In Your Garden?


Before finding a company specialized in the installation of pergolas, we want you to know what this structure can contribute to your home, your terrace, or a garden. It is an option that offers multiple benefits and is designed for both private homes and businesses.

A Good Option For Your Garden Or For Your Business

Pergolas for your garden, terrace, or business reduce the impact of solar radiation, which translates into greater protection and health for our skin, during the hottest months of the year. It protects the walls from overheating and the increase in temperature inside so that we can rest from the intense heat without exposing ourselves to burns or sunstrokes.

The pergolas can also be very useful if you are thinking about growing plants in your garden because it allows you to control their growth and help in maintenance. With that, you can control potential pests, which would be more difficult to detect if they were born from the ground.

The pergola creates a leisure space where you can share lunch or dinner on the terrace, avoiding the direct impact of the sun or a place where you can find the best shelter during the summer rains. They also protect the external furniture that you have in your garden or terrace since if you leave it under the pergola it will not absorb so much moisture, condensation or it will not deteriorate so quickly due to solar radiation.

The pergola also offers you greater security and privacy, since it is a more secluded place and less open or exposed to other people’s eyes. You can cover it with climbing plants and foliage to make it even more stuffy.

What Do We Offer You?

At Done Right, we offer you great quality and experience in the installation of pergolas in Florida, since they are high-quality products designed to enjoy a new outdoor space at any time of the year. It consists of a bioclimatic pergola that has been designed to be enjoyed on the terrace or in the garden and that offers a robust, efficient, and safe structure.

We offer various options to create a personalized product, according to the client’s preferences, the needs, and characteristics of the terrain, etc. Our bioclimatic pergola has an elegant and minimalist style that adapts to all styles, to turn the terrace into a timeless extension of any private home or business.

We offer an effective solution to expand the habitable surfaces, to enjoy more habitable and protected meters.

For more information on the installation of pergolas in Florida and all its advantages, do not hesitate to contact us.

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