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Should You Spend Extra Money on Premium Tyres Over Budget Tyres?

Car Tyres Premium

If you are a frequent driver, you must have had thoughts about the best kind of tyres for your car. Comparison is a must if you want to end up with the best tyres for your car. But, most of the time, the cheaper budget tyres win the game, only because of their cost.

Although it might be tempting to go for tyres with a less price tag, is it really worth it in the long run? Tyres are the only part of your vehicle that connects your vehicle to the road. Be it rolling, speeding, turning, braking, etc, it is responsible for all those activities. So, naturally, tyres will receive more damage than any other part of the car.

Hence, your car tyres Hatfield Peverel should be strong enough to withstand all sorts of things for a longer period of time. Investing in proper tyres will benefit you in the long run. But our experts always face this question, ā€œ why should we pay more for the premium brand tyres if there are so many budget alternatives?ā€

Is It Worth Spending Money on Premium Brand Tyres?

The name itself depicts so many things. The majority of the drivers or car owners might back off because of the price tag, but the functions are so worth it. Premium tyres have this name because of their building materials.

The materials that they use in their composition are of the best quality and the procedure of composition has no compromises. The testing that follows the manufacturing procedure also makes sure that the tyres are safe enough to last for a decade, without much damage. Although tyre damages are inevitable, the severity decreases in premium tyres.

The research and development of the new technology in the premium tyres make up for their hefty price of theirs. Premium tyres also have to distinguish and enhance tread pattern designs and depth, and tyre structure. The superiority of premium tyres is recognisable at a worldwide level, throughout the automotive industry.

Most of the top-class vehicles and supercars always go for top-quality, premium tyres. They understand that tyres should be strong enough to handle the weight of the entire vehicle and its passengers. In order to move around safely with all the load, strength and durability is a must. And only premium tyres can deliver quality.

They also act as a one-time investment for you, in terms of money and peace of mind. With premium tyres, you wonā€™t have to change them every once in a while.

Premium Tyres Are Safer Than Budget Tyres

Speaking of safety again, premium tyres have a lot of research, development, top-quality components and extensive process and testing along the way. So, they offer the best safety quality to their customers. Their strong body and qualities make them durable enough to handle damage for over a decade.

Budget tyres have low-quality rubbers in them. So, with heat, dust, debris, pothole damage and other harmful factors in their way, they degrade way faster than you can even think of. This threatens your safety a lot.

Premium Tyres Have More Damage Resistance Than Budget Tyres

Premium tyres have the best quality of rubber in them. And they are subject to extensive testing. So, their durability and resistance to damage are more than the budget tyres. They always act as one-time investments. Buy them once and relax back for many years.

Premium Tyres Have Better Fuel Efficiency Than Budget Tyres

Premium tyres also offer the best fuel efficiency to your vehicles. Whereas budget tyres might act in the opposite way.


Are you looking for the best, premium tyres such as Nexen Tyres Hatfield Peverel? It is the right choice for you. Tyres are important in ensuring your vehicle’s safety. And our experts are always here to help you out in this field.

So, call us, visit our website or store for buying the best premium tyres for your vehicle.

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