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Offer your customers the tastiest sweets with a fully automatic Gulab Jamun Making Machine

In every sweet-making business, bulk production is the foremost necessary to increase sales. Considering hotel businesses’ increased demand for sweet making, manufacturers emphasize producing automatic Gulab Jamun Making Machine. The name clearly shows that the integrated machine is mainly used for automating Gulab jamun balls. The machines come with a separate attachment that also helps give an elongated shape of Cham-cham.

If you suspect the machine-made product will be as tasty as the handmade one, relax! The machines are manufactured with food-grade stainless steel. Thus you don’t need to worry about the products’ hygiene. While it takes a lot of labour force to perform the entire sweet-making process, integration of the machinery allows cutting and dividing much less time-consuming. According to the set weight, round balls automatically come out from the dough.

Why do hotels and restaurants increasingly adopt Gulab jamun-making machines in their production?

Technological advancements make people more dependable on machines rather than human involvement. This ball-forming machine is becoming an integral part of food production like Gulabjmaun, Rasgulla, Kamala blog, Chamcham, Rasmalai, Peda, Khirkadam, Coconut laddu, Kachori, rice ball, dates ball, Langcha, bliss ball, bakery products, and other sweet items.

Take a look at a few prominent benefits of adding a Gulab jamun-making machine to your food plant:

  • Speedy production of bulk-amount of gulab jamuns in less time
  • Supreme quality, spongy, and soft sweets and other food items
  • Low maintenance cost and operational cost
  • The compact size of the machine with less space requirement
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Guaranteed production flexibility along with steady earning
  • Easy movement as per convenience
  • Economical product along with prolonged lifespan
  • Automated production of food items in the desired size, shape, and weight
  • Assured unvarying colour of every piece
  • Smooth operation with high yielding rate
  • No need for oil stirring
  • Segregated frying benefits of different types of sweets
  • It can be applied to fulfil varying purposes in restaurants, sweet businesses, hotels, and wholesale markets
  • Hassle-free washing and cleaning to ensure the well-being of customers
  • Zero need for lubricating for the lifetime
  • In-built spherical shape making attachment
  • Output speed controlling Ac drive
  • It can be operated easily by even an unskilled labour
  • Automatic counting system

How much does a Gulab jamun-making machine costs?

This new generation sweet-making machine is integrated with three motors to run smoothly. Made with a full stainless steel body, this best-in-class equipment can only be operated with a single workforce. This is your one-stop solution if your business needs speedy food production in less time. A top-quality Gulab Jamun Making Machine usually costs 1.75 Lakhs – 2.5 Lakhs. Once you buy such a machine from a reliable supplier, you don’t have to look back!

Rely on the best-known Gulab Jamun making machine manufacturer for ensuring high efficiency

 In industrial applications, automatic machines must be installed to speed up food processing operations. Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming more conscious about maintaining hygiene. Thus it is your responsibility to make the most hygienic food products for your clients. The machines go through multiple quality tests to adhere to industrial standards. Therefore, your business can ensure deliver high performance and achieve maximum profitability.

Since there’s seen an increased demand from the top clients to manufacture Gulab Jamuns and other chena sweets at a fast pace, the dairy plants opt for improving their efficiency by installing cutting-edge machines. Since this equipment is manufactured under the strict supervision of technicians, you can rest assured of getting the most user-friendly yet optimum functional sweet-making machines.

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