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How Much Do You Know about Plasti-Grip?

Plastic-Grip PMF is an adhesive for attaching rigid continuous insulation to masonry walls and ceilings. This product is available in several lengths and is suitable for various foam thicknesses ranging from 1/2” to 5”. Pre-drill the holes and tap the anchor flush with the insulation to use. It is available in various colors and is versatile enough to be used for waterproofing drainage fabric.

SPAX Plasti-Grip (r) ci-prong insulation washers are an adhesive solution for synthetic wall systems. They are easy to install and are perfect for pre-spotting. They are easy to apply and do not require any hand assembly. Compatible with most construction screws, Plasti Grip’s ci-prong insulation washers can be used with any interior wall.

Designed of Plasti-Grip

Plastic-Grip (r) construction screw terminals are designed with an expanded vinyl insulation sleeve and high conductivity tin-plated copper. The fasteners are designed with a serrated inner barrel for maximum electrical contact. They also have funneled entry for easier wire insertion. Plastic-Grip can be used in both metal and composite wall systems. This product is ideal for insulating walls. The ci-prong construction screws are compatible with any size screws, including the smallest ones.

PLASTI-GRIP ci-prong insulation washers allow for on-the-wall fastening and can be easily pre-spotted. The patented, easy-to-use ci-prong insulation washers are designed with SPAX CP10 or #8 construction screws. The insulator’s wide range of sizes and colors allows for a custom fit to fit any interior wall.

Uses of Plasti-Grip

Unlike traditional tin-plated copper, Plasti-GRIP wire crimp connectors can be used with various materials, including concrete, brick, and wood. The product is also compatible with other interior wall surfaces, including masonry and brick. Aside from crimping and insulation, Plasti-GRIP offers a range of adhesives and sealants for commercial applications. The company offers a comprehensive line of products for DIY projects.

SPAX Plasti-GRIP ci-prong insulation washers are compatible with SPAX #8 and #10 construction screws. The wide range of color options makes Plasti-Grip an ideal choice for all applications. In addition, the products are compatible with all interior wall types. In addition to their high-quality adhesives, Plasti-GRIP ci-pi-prong insulation washers are compatible and are ideal for insulating walls.

Features of Plasti-Grip

SPAX Plasti-GRIP ci-prong insulation washers feature a 94V-0 insulated sleeve and an air-dry specialty rubber coating. The ci-prong insulation washers are compatible with a wide range of SPAX construction screws and are great for homes and businesses. If you need a non-slip insulating coating, the ci-prongs are a perfect choice.

The PLASTI-GRIP ci-prong insulation washers are compatible with a wide variety of exterior and interior wall systems. The ci-prong insulation washers can be used for insulating both wood and metal. They are designed to prevent thermal bridging and promote energy efficiency. A complete line of Plasti Dip products is available for both professionals and DIYers. You can use a wide range of colors in your projects.

CI-prong Insulation Washers are compatible with SPAX ci-prong insulation terminals. They are easy to install, requiring no hand assembly. Moreover, they are compatible with a wide range of construction screws and are available in more than 50 colors. Whether you need to cover an exterior wall or an interior wall, Plasti-grip ci-prong insulation washers are compatible with all interior wall surfaces.

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