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All About Prefabricated Bridges!


Are you someone who gets enticed by the sight of bridges? Do feel a sense of awe everytime you pass under a bridge? Well, bridges are majestic constructions. 

Across the globe, many cities have their iconic looks through the bridges that adorn them. Be it Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge or London’s Tower Bridge – few can beat the uplifting yet romantic feeling that bridges offer.

However, with the advancement of time, construction technology has changed manifold. From design to materials – present architects and engineers may not work just like the forefathers of that industry used to. Prefabricated bridges have come into prominence due to their sheer convenience.

What Are Prefabricated Bridges?

The bridges which are made in parts in workshops and then transported to the chosen site to be fitted together are called prefabricated bridges.

Are Prefabricated Bridges Better Than Conventional Bridges?

Well, first and foremost we must understand the time and situation that demands the construction of bridges. Keeping those two criteria in mind, we can draw a comparative analysis of the two:

Traditional bridges were constructed on the site whereas the prefabricated bridges are constructed remotely in workshops.

While the construction of a traditional bridge was going on, the daily routine of the local people got hampered quite a bit. However, on the other hand, since the prefabricated bridges get made in the workshops, the local people can go on with their daily life during the construction period.

There were lesser chances of fitting errors as the entire project took place as a whole for the traditional bridges. But, in the case of prefabricated bridges, since the whole project is divided into parts, there may some scope of fitting glitches.

If the entire bridge is built together, time is a huge constraint. However, when it comes to prefabricated bridges, small teams can get to work and ensure that the project is completed sooner than stipulated.

Superior Supervision With Responsibility

The best part is, the prefabricated bridge manufacturers are extremely careful and cautious about the responsibility that has been given to them. The idea or vision of the bridge is conceived as a whole. But, to ensure smoother work proceedings, the whole is divided into parts. Each part is to be later connected to bring the original thought and vision to life. After the design is planned and approved by the experts, the construction workers start working under their respective supervisors. This ensures that each part is done flawlessly.

Minimum Flaws and Careful Engineering

During the construction time, architects and engineers keep a close eye on the dimensions and measurements. This ensures that there is no scope for any future glitch. It is kept well in mind that since the project is being done remotely, extra care is taken about following the design and the measurements. Gradually, in this way, the work gets done by the skilled experts from the bridge construction company.

Smooth Assembling and Construction Process

Once, all the parts are done, the process begins to transport them to the location. This is also done very carefully. Upon reaching the site, the engineers and architects supervise the area once again and begin the process of making the necessary preparation work. When all the prep work is over, the parts are brought out. Now, this part of the construction is extremely crucial. The site engineers inspect the work very carefully.

All the latest machines and technology are used to ensure that the joining process takes place without any sort of hassle. Every member of the team is given extensive training beforehand to smoothen the joining process. After all the individual parts are joined together, you have great sight as well as convenience!

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