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5 Latest Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021

Social media marketing is the use of various social platforms and websites to create mass awareness about a certain product or service. The product or service in return reaches out to millions of people and the company gains potential customers and viewer engagement.

Even though digital marketing and e-marketing are all the hype now, social media marketing is a gradually booming venture. The best social media marketing agencies In Kolkata not only provide a huge push to the product popularity but also come up with new and effective ways to improve their marketing strategies. So, while looking for a social media marketing agency in Kolkata, keep an eye out for their staff who will be behind the whole process.

Biggest Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021.

Every year there comes up an array of social media marketing trends. A skilled social media marketer should keep an eye out for the changing market trends and how to effectively use them. 

Listed below are the top 5 hand-picked biggest social media marketing trends of 2021.

  1. INCLUSIVITY – in today’s rapidly progressing world, it is very important to spread compassion and acceptance. The days of using a model with unrealistic facial features and body types are gone. This is the era of inclusivity. A brand needs to build its social image by being more and more vocal and expressive about the social issues the clientele cares about.  People in today’s world would 10/10 lean towards a brand that promotes diversity and inclusivity both in their products and advertisements.  It is extremely important for a social media marketing agency in Kolkata to keep in mind today’s issues and bring forth fresh ways to empower those who need it via the promotion of the products or services. 
  2. POP CULTURE REFERENCES – as more and more people are getting access to the internet, there is a huge market for all things pop culture. Using the right references in the right places during an advertisement on any social media platform can pull in an extensive amount of active audiences. 
  3. LIVESTREAMS AND SHORT VIDEOS – a few years back, TikTok took the world by storm with its ocean full of new trends which people followed passionately. The same is the case with Instagram reels now. People have really short attention spans and creators make videos adhering to a certain time limit to keep the viewer interested in the content till the end. These types of videos are great for promotion as they tend to reach out to more people. Livestreams on various sites like Facebook or twitch attract a lot of audiences too. 
  4. TRANSPARENCY – people always look for a brand that is transparent about their ventures and other work and are ready to own up if things go wrong. They look for authentic products. If a brand wants to build a strong and loyal customer base, then they need to be honest with them and win their trust. A brand should not promote unrealistic standards which are impossible to achieve and other toxic things like biases and negativity. 
  5. REGULAR POSTING – it is very important to post engaging and regular content. Statistics say that millions of people interact via Instagram stories with businesses that thrive there. The stories are definitely a big form of promotion as people tend to find it easier to keep track of them. Reminders are an added feature on Instagram which helps the user not miss out on any updates.


The above-mentioned trends are the hottest of the year 2021. A good social media marketing agency in Kolkata is bound to have marketers who are wholly aware of them and actively use them for promotion and growth.

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