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What are the Compounds of Tyres?


With the rise in development and advancements in the automobile industry, the need for sustainability has never been more crucial. Undoubtedly, it has brought a plethora of cars for us to choose from. However, whatsoever be the car type, you will always need a strong and reliable set of tyres for them. This is where you must find the ideal set of tyres for your vehicle. But what makes these tyres so sufficient for your vehicle? Mentioned below is all that you need to know about the compounds of the tyre in your car and what exactly happens with the old ones. In this blog, you will also know how these compounds are used in proportional quantities to bring the tyres for your vehicle and suffice your needs in a number of ways.

What are tyres made from?

A tyre might look like it’s made of simple rubber, but there is so much more than that. There are several compounds used in an appropriate quantity that makes the tyres and the tyre size guide your one-stop solution to driving needs on different terrains. Since tyres are the most roughly used part of a vehicle, it is essential to have a strong construction of it. Therefore, to ensure that, tyres makers use the listed below compounds in the tyre to make it best for your vehicle. have a look and find out about the compounds used in the making of ideal tyres for your vehicle.

#1 Natural rubber

Rubber is the most basic, yet a crucial compound of the tyre, it is used in the quantity of approximately 19%.

#2 Synthetic polymers

The synthetic polymers like Butadiene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber are used in the composition of 24%. These look after the rolling resistance and traction of the tyre.

#3 Steel

The tyre belts and beads consist of a steel wiring that stiffens the tyre casing ensuring better performance and grip to the vehicle.

#4 Textiles

Different textiles like polyester cord, nylon cord, rubber cord, etc are used in the making of a tyre which enhances the tyre weight and provides stability to it as well.

#5 Fillers

Fillers like silica and carbon black are used in a tyre to improve the abrasion, resistance and tear, all together.

#6 Antioxidants

This compound is essential as it eliminates the risk of breaking the tyre in the changing weather temperature and exposure. Tyres Online makes sure to provide you with the safest tyres.

#7 Antiozonants

Antiozonants are used to prevent the harmful effects caused due to the exposure to ozone on the tyre surface.

#8 Curing System

The curing system of the tyre is a crucial part as it solidifies the rubber of the tyre with the use of sulphur and zinc oxides.

What happens with old tyres?

Industries have understood the value and importance of rubber and therefore, are ensuring different ways to sustain it. For that purpose, the old tyres are often recycled to make it of use. Although recycled tyres come with some advantages as well as a few disadvantages too, yet when it comes to sustainability, new ways are always in the picture. Be it adding new treads to it or completely dissolving the tyre and creating something new out of it, there are several ways in which people are recycling these old and used tyres.

On the creative side of recycling, the old tyres are popularly used in many DIY creations as well. explore a little and try to make something new using the old and used tyres today.

Next time when you visit a tyre store, you will know all the different compounds that a tyre is made up of and what happens with your used, old tyres. Tyres being the most basic yet crucial parts of the vehicle, therefore, must be understood and taken care of from time to time.

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