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Top 7 Healthcare Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata


How has the health industry emerged as a patient-centered market?

With the help of top-notch digital marketing services!

There are various reasons for healthcare providers to rely so much on internet marketing. Almost 2 billion people own smartphones globally. Most of them use their mobiles to access well-marketed credible healthcare services. 88% of medical appointments are fixed on phones. Multiple digital channels are evolving to expand the scope of marketing. Besides, 94% of patients worldwide check online reviews to assess healthcare providers. And the list goes on! 

Therefore, healthcare providers rely highly on the best digital marketing services in Kolkata to drive more traffic and increase their ROI.

Here are 7 such important healthcare internet marketing services in Kolkata.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It helps optimize a website to be discovered with relevant keyword searches in a search engine. Internet users of all ages highly search for healthcare services. Hence, SEO strategies are used to reach their target audience. 

SEO for healthcare can help increase brand recognition, educate healthcare consumers about your services, and build trust among potential customers. Other benefits include improved visibility and credibility, more website traffic, less patient acquisition cost, and a high ROI. 

Hence, digital marketing SEO services in Kolkata for healthcare include off-site and on-site techniques, local SEO, featured answers, and voice search optimization.

  • Social media marketing

It uses social media platforms for spreading brand awareness, connecting with the audience, boosting website traffic, and increasing sales. 90% of adults search for and share healthcare information on social media. 

Healthcare providers enjoy various benefits of social media marketing. These include information sharing, better patient-doctor interaction, providing patient support, dissolving geographical boundaries, and reducing marketing costs. 

So, digital marketing services in Kolkata promote healthcare services on top social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

  • Chatbots

Chatbots serve a great purpose in healthcare. They substitute human respondents and enable instant conversations with users to help solve their queries. 93% of internet users are engaged in texting. That’s how chatbots work! Hence, their market is growing by 25% every year. 

Medical chatbots offer several benefits. These include being scalable, providing fast automated information, scheduling appointments, and boosting lead generation.  

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) 

It’s a way of search engine marketing. Ads are displayed on various online platforms and websites, and a fee is paid when an ad is clicked. 

PPC digital marketing services in Kolkata provide several benefits to the healthcare industry. These include an engagement with high-interest prospects, better brand awareness, and precise targeting of the audience. Search engine advertising is also measurable and easy to implement.

  • Video marketing

About 50% of all online traffic is found in video format. Videos can share healthcare information more elaborately and interestingly. Doctors can create explainer videos or post educational content on social media or their website through videos. 

The benefits of video-based digital marketing services in Kolkata for healthcare providers are many! These include better engagement, increased ROI, easily building an audience, boosting conversions, and ranking higher. 

  • Other forms of content marketing

Content is a source of information and hence, powerful to create brand awareness and growing revenues. When you fall ill, you Google your symptoms or search for online remedies. Such information is provided by content in various formats. 

Healthcare providers use content marketing to share their message interactively, establish authority, and reach a wider audience. 

Digital marketing services in Kolkata advertise healthcare content in different forms. These include blog posts, infographics, videos, testimonials, E-books, FAQs (frequently asked questions), guest posts, social media contents, interviews, and live webinars. 

  • An impressive website design

A healthcare website must be designed to ensure a great user interface and experience. It should be responsive for both desktop and mobile visitors. It must have abundant white space with a minimalistic color scheme. This will have a simplistic appeal to the visitors and help them focus on your content. 

The website must facilitate simple, clear navigation and have quality content. Contact information including location and hours must be precise. CTAs must not be buried but tracked regularly.

Healthcare website-designing digital marketing services in Kolkata focus on brand recognition and information with organized content, video content, and digital roadmaps. 

The healthcare industry also depends on internet marketing to manage online reputation. After all, 60% of adults go through online ratings to choose a provider. Good online reputation management improves brand awareness, recruitment, online insights, credibility, and sales! 

So let the best digital marketing company pave your path to rule the healthcare industry! 

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