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The Best Wedding Flowers for Your Big Day

Wedding: The word itself lets us imagine a bride walking down the aisle carrying flowers. The bridesmaid at the back throwing flower petals, and the entire setting filled with different kinds of blooming flowers. Wait a minute, are not flowers becoming something a lot common here? Well, of course, they are! Weddings are incomplete without flowers, as blooms complement the overall setting. If you are looking to buy wedding flowers, keep reading.

List of the Best Wedding Flowers for Your Big Day

Here are some of the best wedding flowers for your big day.


What is a wedding without roses? Roses are what define love and give poetic beauty to the entire wedding. These display a history of love and romance for love birds and are complimentary to mark your big day as man and wife. You do not have to go with the traditional look and choose a red rose. There are a lot of different roses, and you can easily select any color you want.

From the entire wedding setting to the bride’s bouquet, all roses can be of different colors. Not to forget that roses are available throughout the year in different color varieties, shapes, sizes and are highly affordable. Roses can be short in stock sometimes, so you can use online coupon codes from leading florists to get some.


Orchids are often symbolized for intimate and exotic happenings, and weddings are one of those. These flowers add lush beauty to the entire scenery of the wedding. A single orchid can change the whole floral arrangement of your event. Orchids can be used to make excellent bridal bouquets and wedding gift bouquets. These are also popularly used in beach weddings where the sea is a companion that compliments their color. If you want to host a tropical wedding filled with leaves and branches, go for the orchids.


Tulips are one of those flowers that give a specific look to a wedding, even if you use a single one. Like roses, tulips also have a history of love and compassion; hence, they prove ideal for weddings and receptions. Do not expect these blooms to be used for Easters alone. Tulips have different colors and meanings. If you plan to have a wedding or attend one in spring, make sure you involve these. You can easily pair them with different flowers to create beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets.

Calla Lily

Calla Lilies give a modern look to the wedding as their long stems can make beautiful bouquets. You can firmly place them in central vases to enhance the aisle’s beauty. The best use of Calla Lily can be during summer weddings as its bright colors complement the look of lawns and gardens. Also, you can use these flowers for pool weddings as they give an exotic look to the place. There are two types of Calla Lily famous for weddings. These include the smaller type and long stem type flowers.


One of the popular flowers, the daisy, is constantly used in weddings throughout the year. You can use daisies in receptions to get a perfect floral look and brighten up your day. You can pair them with several flowers to prepare wedding bouquets. Daisies make a bride extremely formal for their class and elegance. This flower type is highly thrifty for their all-year availability in the market. It consists of an aroma that attracts the crowd to you.

The Takeaway

These are some of the best wedding flowers for your big day. Choosing a flower is not difficult when it comes to weddings. Any flower that suits your personality and matches your mood can be selected. Some flowers are expensive, while others are available throughout the year and pocket-friendly.

Do remember to include your wedding flowers in all wedding photos and tag all your friends for sure.

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