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The 5 Step Process To Making A Customer Testimonial Video


The best person to recommend or sell your product or service, would you believe it, is not on your payroll.

That person is your existing satisfied customer!

They must have had a fantastic experience when they use your product or service. Now, they can’t help but spread good word of mouth to promote your brand.

The basic philosophy of why customer testimonials work so well for the company is simply because no one likes a self-serving connotation. Your intention may certainly not be it, but to a cynic, it will always be negative.

Therefore, when a happy and satisfied says the same, it sounds more genuine and credible.

Let’s take one of the best customer testimonial video examples as a reference point.

Amazon gets creative in its testimonial video; instead of making every seller’s testimonial individually, they compile all the major sellers into one video.

Generally, it wouldn’t work for any other business enterprise. Since the business scale is huge for Amazon, this video shows the diversity of sellers and buyers in their platform and how Amazon helps their business grow.

If you are also thinking of creating a customer testimonial video that works like a charm, here is how you should do it.

1. Prep Your Favorite Customers

When you’re starting to search for customers that can be your brand advocates. You need to search their engagement level and ask yourself whether they love the brand as much as you do?

Then get to know your favorite customer before you officially reach out to them to appear in the customer testimonial video.

2. Set The Scene

Once you have selected a suitable candidate for the customer testimonial, you need to make some clear and to-the-point questions.

Keep in mind that the testimonial’s entire focus is the client and how your brand helps them achieve their desired outcomes.

The testimonial should start with them, introducing themselves and their company, keeping them short and sweet.

Then the customers should tell the struggles in their business and how your brand helped them overcome them.

3. Filming

It’s an essential part of the customer testimonial video.

If you don’t happen to have a DSLR camera to shoot the film, you can also use a smartphone.

We strongly recommend also equip a tripod or setting up you’re on a steady surface. Never hold your phone in your hand while filming.

First, it’s super distracting, and second, it makes the film shaky.

4. Have Additional Footage

Now that you have completed your interview with your customer, you also need to have additional footage.

People don’t like to watch a person talking endlessly. You also need to film your customer in their workplace, using your brand.

It’s important to give perspective to your target audience in your testimonial video. So potential customers can relate the video with themselves.

5. Edit And Share!

Editing is crucial to keep the engagement of the target audience. If you have filmed a video of 20 minutes, edit and cut it down to 5 minutes or less.

Try to compile all the good parts of the video in the editing process.

Finally, share the customer testimonial video with the world!

According to Tubular Insights, 64% of consumers will likely buy after watching a brand’s video on social media platforms.

So, you now know what you’ve got to do to get those leads and conversions.

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