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Private violin lessons vs school based violin lessons

Private violin lessons vs school based violin lessons for your child?

Do you aspire to be a violin player? Or are you a parent looking for cheap violin lessons in Singapore with options to enroll your child in? If so, it is vital that you find the right educational place, with the correct learning method for your child to make him/her be able to play the violin.

People go to the violin school to get their violin education. There are also people who hire violin teachers to give them private violin lessons. Both are good means to learn the violin. However, between the two types of violin lessons which one is the most suitable for you? In this article, we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of school-based violin lessons and private ones. Thus, you will be able to determine which violin lesson type will be the best for your child.

Private violin lessons

A private violin lesson is usually a one-on-one session with a violin teacher. In this setup, the student has the violin teacher’s full attention. For that reason, one of the advantages of private violin lessons is that the teacher can customize the syllabus.

The violin class curriculum will be modified based on the student’s performance. The violin instructor can speed up the lessons if they see that the student has easily picked up the violin technique. They can also slow down the syllabus if they see the student is struggling at a certain lesson. As a result, the growth of the student is developed well. 

Apart from the advantages, private violin lessons also have disadvantages. One of them is that they cost more than many cheap violin lessons in Singapore school offerings. The main contributor to this pricey cost is the fact that the teacher’s time and attention are focused solely on one student only. Furthermore, revision of the course syllabus to meet the student’s needs will also add to the cost paid for the private violin lessons tutor. Thus, the main benefit of the private violin lesson is also the cause of its higher price.

Another disadvantage of private violin lessons is that the students have fewer social opportunities. They do not have fellow violinists that they can interact with. Making friends among fellow violin players is also important in the violin learning process. That is especially the case if the violin student wishes to play at an orchestra or band. They can still have band and orchestra opportunities since the private violin teacher can arrange for this. However, that will not require much effort, if the student enrolled in cheap violin lessons at Singapore school. 

School-based violin lessons

The most common method of learning the violin is to enroll at a cheap violin lessons Singapore music school. Most of these violin schools have a class of at least three students. The number of violin students in a class will depend on how many violin teachers can handle. Usually, a violin instructor can handle a class of up to six students. For that reason, the cost of a violin session is shared among the students, thus making it cheaper than private violin lessons.

Learning to play the violin in a setting of cheap violin lessons in the Singapore group session is helpful. That is because you can make friends who can help you learn the violin together. In addition to that, school-based violin lessons can build up your confidence in playing in front of others. You will also be motivated to practice more if you see that most of your fellow violin classmates are progressing well. 

In addition, a cheap violin lessons Singapore class, follows a standard violin curriculum. With a curriculum like this, you will be able to determine if your violin skills are at par with the level that you should be in. You will be able to know if you need to put pressure on your violin practice or not.

However, a school-based violin lesson also has its share of disadvantages. One of them is that the attention of the violin mentor is divided. Usually, a violin teacher will proceed with the class if they see that only one student is struggling. This means that the other violin students won’t have to wait for that one student to get it done. As a result, a struggling violin student is left behind. This can cause the student to get demotivated and dejected which will result in quitting the violin class. Thus, the effort, time, and money invested in learning the violin will be wasted.

In summary

Choosing between private violin lessons and school-based violin lessons will depend on the needs of the violin student. Usually, if the violin student is a beginner or slow learner, a private violin lesson is preferable. This is also the recommendation if the violin student is a fast learner and doesn’t want to wait for others to learn the next lessons. School-based violin lessons are perfect for those who intend to learn the violin as a hobby. It is also suitable for those who want to learn the violin but can’t afford private lessons. Want to hire violin teachers? Inquire at Violin Lessons Singapore today!

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