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Key Benefits of Mobile Learning


The Success of Mobile Learning

Moreover, we talk about Performance Support or combined eLearning environment, mobile learning is best suited for it. Why learners are more motivated and engaged through mobile learning courses? Here certainly are a few advantages of mobile learning:

  1. Learn Anywhere and at Anytime

Mobile learning enables flexibility by eliminating the necessity for learning how to happen at a certain time and place. Mobile learning takes learning flexibility to a different level by making instructional content like videos, podcasts, and other multimedia formats on smartphones and devices. Learners have the additional benefit of accessing the content wherever and every time they want. Mobile learning seamlessly integrates learning into the daily routine of the learner, which results in successful course completion and retention of knowledge.

  1. Bite-Sized Delivery Leading to Faster Learning

The shift towards microlearning and creating learning that may be digested in bite-sized “chunks” has been heavily influenced by the adoption of mobiles as a mode of learning. Since the real estate is small, the content accessible is crisp and concise. Information is more readily accessible when required for on-the-job training. This helps in avoiding cognitive overload and improves learning.

  1. Improves Knowledge Retention and Information Recall

Mobile learning results in improved knowledge retention thanks to the fact that learners are prone to remember crisp and concise data right now of need, which they find relevant and relatable. Thus, they will have the ability to recall information while at the job and perform their job to the most effective of this ability, given they’ve committed the niche matter with their long-term memory.

  1. Personalization

One of the many widely known benefits of mobile learning is personalization. The tailor-made courses promote a greater rate of engagement and motivation for learners. Moreover, the fact that mobile learning is available at any time, any place helps learners keep on track with training.

  1. Availability

Once you adopt mobile learning in an electronic digital training strategy, there is a distinctive benefit of 24×7 availability. Whenever a member of staff is approximately to execute an activity, like, or give a sales pitch about a recently available product, they can quickly take out their phone and launch a quick course that helps them brush up their key concepts. This type of just-in-time Performance Support lays a solid foundation for the employees.

  1. Responsive Design

We’ve all experienced how certain websites that look nice on our PCs do not run into well on our smartphones. And same will be true for mobile learning when it wasn’t for responsive design. Responsive design enables the interface to adjust to multiple device sizes, whether it’s desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Responsive design goes hand-in-hand with mobile learning.

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