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Having an expensive rug at home? Here’s how you can clean it


For home improvement, rug cleaning is essential. It is a healthy option for your family. Dust and dirt can affect your health, in the long term. Allergens and mites can easily infest the rugs. If left untreated for long, it can lead to respiratory issues.

Daily or weekly cleaning is important. To carry out the task effectively you can follow different techniques. You can search for rug cleaning palm beach services online. Expert rug cleaning team can be hired at any time.

There are different methods that homeowners can follow to maintain rugs. You can vacuum, spot clean, or even shampoo your rugs.

Vacuum in the right way

When using a vacuum cleaner, you have to follow the best technique. The task can be performed once a week. This ensures the rug is clean of dust, debris, and mites. Light vacuum cleaning is suggested for rugs that have thick fibers.

Always clean the rug perfectly. You can shift the furniture when performing this task. Just dedicate five minutes for your rugs from your usual cleaning routine and you will see the difference. 

Use quality vacuum nozzle

Vacuum cleaners use the nozzle to suck in dust and debris. Always ensure the nozzle is effective. It should have good suction power. You can make use of cranny extensions. Maintain proper vertical and horizontal direction when using a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum regularly

You can vacuum the rug on a regular basis. If your rugs are used very often, then weekly cleaning is always best. If you have pets then daily vacuum tasks should be performed. Vacuum cleaning will take care of the dander and other allergens as well.

Spot cleaning

Spots are never easy to treat if they have been accumulated for days or weeks. So the moment your rug develops a spot, treat it immediately. You can also make use of a mild solution to treat spots. Deep-seated spots can be cleaned using harsh soap and water solutions.

To treat spots you can also use mild bleach powder. You can also make use of detergent mixed with lemon.

Use cleaning solutions

When searching the market you will come across different products. Some of them are very effective carpet cleaners. Go through the ingredient list before selecting. Harsh solutions should not be used that can damage the carpet and your health.

Acid solutions should be avoided as they can damage the natural color and texture. Hydrogen peroxide-based solutions are best for all types of spots on rugs. If you wish to experiment, do it with care and consult a pro. 


Before you use the solution to clean spots always test it on a small portion of the carpet or rug. Spot testing is important so you are sure the rug does not get damaged. Solutions that will bleach the color of the rug should always be avoided.

Dabbing is one of the most effective ways to treat all types of rugs. The task has to be performed manually using cotton cloth or mob. Whatever method you select should not damage the rug.

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