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Five Top Healthcare Apps For 2020


We’re near the time where every sector needs a mobile app.

Mobile apps have transformed the world, and they have done the same for the healthcare industry.

The Top Five Trending Healthcare Apps

There was a time when tasks were done manually in the healthcare sector. It was a hassle to keep track of patient records.

Like any other industry, the healthcare industry needed a technological revolution, and that’s what mobile apps have done.


Doximity is a mobile app that’s meant for physicians and doctors. The app was developed and released by the founders of Epocrates.

The mobile app is like a “social media platform,” where doctors can discuss and talk to each other via the mobile app.

The Key Features

  • The physicians can access a public directory of the best U.S-based physicians.
  • Users can annotate their healthcare documents.
  • The app lets the users send HIPAA faxes from anywhere remotely.
  • It has a social newsfeed where you can find numerous medicine suggestions.

Doctor On Demand

The functions of the app are just as the name suggests. It connects patients to certified doctors via video calls. The patients can upload their medical history on the portal for the doctor to view.

The app’s most common use is to cure fever, flu, cough, cold, UTI, allergies, ENT, skin conditions, depression, anxiety, etc. The healthcare app developers behind this app have done an exceptional job building it.

The Key Features

  • It connects patients to doctors within 5 minutes.
  • The doctors can access patient files with ease.
  • The app only has certified and licensed doctors who are US-based.
  • The physicians are available 24/7.


The ClotMD mobile app is a gateway to all patient’s problems. It connects the patients to their healthcare advisors or physicians and allows faster communication than appointments or phone calls.

The physicians can update prescriptions, schedule tests, and monitor patient health through a single mobile device.

The Key Features

  • It has a diet library accessible to patients and doctors.
  • Doctors can keep a check on the health of their patients easily.
  • The patients can check their reports via a mobile app.
  • It sends alerts and notifications for new tests, prescriptions, etc.


AirStrip was launched with the hopes of streamlining and pacing the delivery of healthcare-related solutions from doctors to patients.

The app connects patients with doctors from around the world. The app is patient-centric and has managed to make interactions with doctors easier.

The Key Features

  • It offers dynamic data instead of static.
  • The app delivers all patient-relevant data to the physician regardless of location.
  • The information is usable for a patient diagnosis.


The Medici mobile app eliminates the additional cost and efforts patients have to make to see their doctor. The app offers a network of doctors that patients can connect with using the mobile app.

The app is much like WhatsApp; patients and doctors can leave each other messages regarding health concerns.

The Key Features

  • It has instant lab results.
  • Patients and doctors can be in constant communication.
  • A patient can invite all his/her doctor to his/her network.

In Conclusion

Mobile apps offer speed and automation in the healthcare industry, which streamlines their day-to-day operations.  The US healthcare mobile market app has proved fruitful for patients and doctors.

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  • Jane Collen is a creative content writer and digital marketer at TekRevol. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, video scriptwriting, ghostwriting, copywriting and social media marketing services.