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8 factors to consider when buying a waffle maker


Looking to Buy A Perfect Waffle Maker?

With lots of varieties of waffle makers available in the market, buying a waffle maker made of cast iron is definitely the right choice as it has lots of advantages. Some of the best cast iron waffle makers distribute heat in a uniform manner making your waffle tastier and lip-smacking. 

If you are a first-timer, you might find it quite difficult to use the cast iron waffle maker but once you get used to it, making waffles will be a lot easier. And to add icing on the cake, storing it in the kitchen area is much easier as it does not occupy much space.

If you are thinking of buying a waffle maker, listed below are some of the factors to consider to make the right choice. 


Price is often one of the most important factors that come to play when buying a waffle maker. If you are thinking of buying it for a commercial purpose, it is indeed the electrical waffle maker that you are looking for which comes at a different price range. Electrical waffle makers are much easier because they come in flip design and include status indicators. But if you are looking forward to buying it for a residential purpose, the top waffle makers made of cast iron are the right options; they also vary in price ranges.


The most difficult part is cleaning the leftover in the plates. One of the significant advantages of the electrical waffle maker over the cast iron waffle maker is that the plates are removable and can be cleaned easily. Always improvise on the seasoning before baking. With improvisation, cleaning is much easier. Make sure to leave it open for sometime after cleaning.

Status indicator

Waffle makers with a lighting indicator make it easy for you to know whether the waffle is ready or not without opening a lid. Waffle makers can sometimes ruin your waffles if you are not used to it but with the lightning indicator, it is much easier. When you are buying a new waffle maker there comes a manual in which the function of specific light indicators is mentioned.

Rotating and non-rotating waffle makers

Most of the time you might have noticed that one side of the waffle is crispier than the other. This is because of the steady position of non-rotating waffle makers. This is a common problem several waffle makers available in the market. 

But, long gone are those days when you had to struggle with this problem. With the introduction of rotation waffle makers, you get evenly cooked, crispier and delightful waffles. Make sure you go for 180 degrees rotating waffle maker for more convenience. 

Brand awareness

The brand is important when it comes to buying any electrical appliance, as we all have that one particular brand, and a waffle maker of that brand gives you a sense of satisfaction. Some of the top waffle makers brands keep up to your expectation of helping you prepare tasty waffles. So indeed, if you are a fan of any brand, adding a waffle maker of that brand will lighten up your kitchen space.

Storage and maintenance

Storage and maintenance is also an important factor to consider for the long run of your waffle maker. Some waffle makers occupy a lot of space so after using it make sure to keep it dry and wipe it evenly on all the sides, keep inside the box and store it. Don’t forget to wind up the cords and avoid tangling of wires because it may damage your appliance.


Another important factor to consider when buying a waffle maker is the wattage. Commercial waffle makers that work on 240 volts are generally more efficient in making more waffles. They heat up faster and thus make waffles tastier.


It is important that you have a warranty on your waffle maker appliance because if there is any fault it is easier to replace or to get repaired. Therefore, buying a waffle maker of a genuine brand is always considered a good option. There are lots of genuine brands that give a minimum of 6 months of warranty on the product.

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