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5 Effective Tips to Deal with Student’s Absenteeism?


We all will agree that a monotonous routine can bring boredom and disinterest in a student’s life, and they wish to take breaks in order to release that stress. But if this becomes a habit and it starts affecting the growth, learning, and development of the child, then it becomes a concern. Parents and teachers thus have to try their best to keep children in discipline and accordance as much as possible.

With the corona lockdown and schools being operated from home, absenteeism is on the rise and children are losing out on their skill development and educational gain. It is also hampering their communication and interaction with others and each other.

The top 5 ways to handle absenteeism are:

Make Technology their Friend

As the classes have shifted online, students are dependent and engrossed in technology within the comfort of their homes. Many students are losing interest as they do not find interest in technology, or they find it too intimidating. The solution here is to make the use of technology and the various tools more fun and involving.

Extracurricular Learning

Most students absent from the classes as they don’t find the information passed interesting or absorbing. While some information might be seen as useless, its benefits for the improvement of critical thinking skills cannot be overlooked. Thus, introduce various activities and extracurricular learning as a part of the curriculum to build in the interest of students.

Early Intervention

School authorities and teachers’ intervention at an early stage can effectively deal with absenteeism. This means that the school team or local authority will need to contact parents when students have missed more than their annual allowance without a good reason for their absence, e.g. health.


Parents and teachers can involve kids in various conversations at school and make them feel important and relevant. The various conversations can make them feel involved and can make attending school interesting and reduces absenteeism.

Positive Culture

Students often have high rates of absenteeism when something from school bothers them. They might not feel safe, or they might not feel empowered. It is thus important for parents and teachers to work together with children to create a positive studying environment for them.

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